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Situs bahasa pemerintah

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Courses Beginners +

  • Beginning Indonesian from the University of Victoria, Canada- A big course taught entirely in Indonesian with loads of exercises and pictures. Looks very useful but you may need some knowledge of Indonesian before starting.
  • TUFS Language Modules Only available in Japanese- Huge course that teaches Indonesian through video and loads of exercises. A *Moodle version is available *here.
  • Indonesian in 7 days by M. Bordt & L. Seram- A 7 lesson course on the basics of Indonesian with audio. Also has a dictionary & spellchecker on the original site *here.
  • Hello Indonesia - An mini e-course that uses audio to teach spoken Indonesian, as well as a vocabulary course and pronunciation pointers. Note: Free sign-up required.
  • Flirting in Indonesian - A fun course on flirting that teaches basic Indonesian words, phrases & grammar.
  • Study Indonesian - Several lessons with interactive exercises, dictionaries, pronunciation guide, games etc.

Courses Intermediate / Sustainment

  • GLOSS Indonesian - Improve your Indonesian with intermediate listening and reading lessons from authentic texts.
  • Warung Sinema Need to view site through Internet Explorer- A course based on clips from Indonesian films with lots of exercises. For intermediate to advanced students.
  • Indonesian Course from the Australian government- A fun interactive course for Australian pupils with audio and cartoons. Some knowledge of Indonesian may be required.
  • Languages Online: Indonesian Topics - Interactive activities on different topics for Australian pupils.




  • Learning Indonesian - A twice-weekly podcast with free study guides, it quizzes you on words and phrases in Indonesian.
  • Indonesianpod101 - Teaches situational Indonesian through dialogues, which it then breaks down into vocab and grammar points. Beginner's and survival phrases lessons and advanced audio blogs available so far.
  • World Nomads - 1 lesson teaching basic survival phrases for travellers. Also includes a downloadable phrasebook with audio.
  • Survival Phrases Indonesian - 10 lessons and PDF guides available free, 50 more to pay for.


  • Indonesian Language Learning Website - Several lessons with grammar explanations, reading sections, activities, culture notes and vocabulary lists.
  • Your dream to learn Indonesian language - Blog by a native speaker of Indonesian, with grammar explanations and phrases for specific situations.
  • Osho Indonesian & Malay - Blog with resources for learning both languages, word lists, videos, slang, comparisons with other languages, cultural notes etc.
  • Bahasa Indonesia - Several posts teaching you Indonesian with sample sentences, phrases and vocabulary. Seems to be discontinued. Note: Only available in Japanese.


Authentic Materials