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Valencia di malam hari.
Pantai ke Atlantik di Galicia.
Alhambra, Granada.

Páginas generales[sunting]

Punto de partida[sunting]

"Titik permulaan" — dasar-dasar percakapan dan tata bahasa.

¿Qué opinas?[sunting]

"Bagaimana pendapatmu?" — tentang sudut pandang dan pendapat.

¿Cuándo se hará?[sunting]

"Kapan akan dilakukan?" — semua tentang waktu.

Lampiran lainnya[sunting]

Kosa kata[sunting]



  • Templat:Stage short Spanish/Tenses is a grammar appendix which outlines all possible verb conjugations for regular Spanish verbs. Verbs are first divided by mood (indicative, subjunctive, imperative), then by aspect (simple, perfect, continuous, perfect continuous), and finally by tense (present, preterite, imperfect, conditional, future). This appendix can be used as a reference for any and all regular verb conjugations.
  • Templat:Stage short Spanish/Verbs (archived) is a guide to verbs, with some other pages in it too.


Other materials[sunting]

The materials below are mostly miscellaneous or incomplete.

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