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Haee,  Welcome to my User Page 
Fazoffic is nothing but a regular Wikipedia user, who is only interested in the things he likes.

Ahmad Safrizal, commonly called Safrizal (Javanese: ꧋ꦱꦥ꦳ꦿꦶꦗ꦳ꦭ꧀, Bali: ᬲᬧ᬴᭄ᬭᬶᬚ᬴ᬮ᭄, Arabic: سفريزال, Japanese: サフリザル) or Fazoffic is a User and Addict Wikipedia.

I am more often active on the Indonesian Wikipedia. I am interested, especially in history (History of Islam, Indonesia, and so on), entertainment, and others. I more often enjoy my life and walking outside the house than just sitting while stretching my legs in the room. In addition, I also actively carry out outreach activities with the community around me; not because I'm a crowd pleaser, but because I don't know what to do in the house.

Real life

I am a Muslim, from the Sunni Salafiyah. I was born in Kuala Pembuang and received my early education there. I also love books, and often read many encyclopedia books before finally discovering Wikipedia. In the past, I was an anonymous vandalist on Wikipedia, but then decided to stop doing this tiring and pointless thing.


I spoke at the 76th Religion Ministry of Republic Indonesia Charity Day in Seruyan Regency.

My interest in Wikipedia is quite a lot. Save on words, I serve Wikipedia to improve articles and develop articles that I feel need to be developed. I myself am more interested in historical topics, including Indonesian history and Islamic history. I am intrigued, especially by the early Arabic sources. Even so, I can also dabble in other topics such as Film, Culture, Politics, and others.


I see Wikipedia not only as a free encyclopedia that anyone can access, but also as the most basic source of knowledge for everyone. I myself have tried to evolve over time to adapt to the Wikipedia environment. Well, Wikipedia has many users with different characteristics. It would be nice if other users were more friendly in dealing with other users who might be more stubborn, especially beginners who sometimes overreact. I also view NPOV as Wikipedia's most important foundation, anything against it will certainly make things messy. Moreover, NPOV includes the five pillars of Wikipedia, on which Wikipedia is based. I prefer stub but neutral articles over curated but hyperbolic articles. One other thing is the source (reference). References are also the most important, it's a shame if there is a very long article but doesn't even have any references at all. References must also be selected from trusted sources, not from social media (in my opinion this is the most important).


Ahmad Safrizal (Madaya)

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