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Panduan Game/Genesis/Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone

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Billy and Jimmy went on a journey to complete their martial arts. On their return home, two years later, they met a fortune teller.

Hiruko: Find the three Rosetta Stones then go to Egypt, there you will find the worlds strongest enemy. But beware, no one has come back alive.

Mission 1: America[sunting]

Hiruko: The first stone is in China

The battle is waiting for you Double Dragon

Mission 2: China[sunting]

Enemy: You will have to kill me first before you touch the stone

After finding the first stone the heroes went to find the second

Mission 3: Japan[sunting]

Hiruko: I knew it

You are real strong

I have the stone

From now on you will need my help

Mission 4: Italy[sunting]

Mission 5: Egypt[sunting]

Hiruko: There is a secret hidden beneath here

Go and find out what it is

Hiruko: I am impressed you really have strength

Hiruko: My my my treasure


The battle has ended. The heroes swore that they would give Cleopatras treasure to charity.

When the third stone is found its power will change the world.

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