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Panduan Game/Genesis/Home Alone

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Tombol A B C
Fungsi Taruh ban Tembak Loncat

Senjata (Weapons)[sunting]

Platform Operator Ammo Weapon Win
BB Gun
Blowdryer Balloons Glue Glue Bazooka You guys better not STICK around!
Blowdryer Rub. Band Snowball Snowball Bazooka Don't get COLD FEET now, creeps!
Can Balloons Glue Glue Mortar
Can Balloons Pepper Pepper Mortar You jerks couldn't catch a COLD!
Can Rubber Bands Snowball Snowball Mortar
Can Rubber Bands Ball Super Ball Mortar
Can Wire Coals Hot Coal Mortar
Can Wire Magnet Electrical Grenade Are you SHOCKED to be leaving so soon?

I'll bet you didn't know WATT hit you!

Crossbow Balloons Glue Glue Rifle
Crossbow Balloons Pepper Pepper Rifle
Crossbow Wire Coals Hot Coal Rifle
Scoop Rub. Band Ball Super Ball Launcher I'll bet you guys are having a BALL!
Scoop Rub. Band Snowball Snowball Launcher FREEZE, you cowards!
Scoop Wire Coals Hot Coal Launcher Leaving already? Things are HEATing up!


3. Ultra Modern House (11) 1. Mansion (11) 4. Colonial House (8)
2. Old House (8) 5. Country House (9)



You can't leave yet! The police have not arrived!


Kesulitan Waktu Ending 1 Ending 2
Beginner 20:00 You capture the Wet Bandits. BUT, you did not save all of the houses!

Rank: Alert Citizen

Good job catching the crooks, but that was EASY!

Rank: Alert Citizen

Expert 40:00 You capture the Wet Bandits. BUT, you did not save all of the houses!

Rank: Resourceful Kid

You saved the neighborhood. Kevin! The citizens and police commend you...

...on your bravery and persistence in capturing the Wet Bandit Gang!

Rank: Neighborhood Watchdog

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