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Panduan Game/Genesis/Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

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Level 1: Upperair[sunting]

My family's in Florida and I'm in New York.

Level 2: Lowerair[sunting]

Oh no! I'm in the land of lost luggage. I hope I can find my mom's red flight bag and get outta here.

Level 3: Cityday[sunting]

All I have to do is get across town to the most fabulous place in the world - Duncan's toy chest!

Level 4: Innertoy[sunting]

No burglars are gonna be dumb enough to rob a toy store... except us, hey Harry?

Level 5: Citynight[sunting]

Stealing from children is the lowest. I'm heading straight for the police station. If you jerks want to stop me, now's your chance!

Level 6: Stone[sunting]

I'm ready for those crooks this time. Come on you bozos, follow me!

Level 7: Pipes[sunting]

It's a lot like the giant water slide back home, with one slight exception: It stinks in here!

Level 8: Park[sunting]

Pigeon lady! Where are you? She must be around here somewhere. I've got to find her!



Mom! I know you'd find me by the giant christmas tree. This is my friend, the pigeon lady. Can we go home now?


You know, Harry, I feel pretty good about myself.

You should, Marv. You just outsmarted a kid.

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