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Panduan Game/Genesis/Rolling Thunder 2

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Gimdo fled in a submarine just as Rolling Thunder was closing in.

WCPO tracked the sub to the Mediterranean, but lost contact off of Egypt.

Albatross and Leila flew a WCPO jet to begin the hunt anew.

Round 7[sunting]

Clearance; JC-Kal: Omega

From: Rolling Thunder

Situation: As follows.

Arrived in Giza, will attempt to locate Gimdo.

Round 8[sunting]

Clearance; JC-Kal: Rolling Thunder

From: WCPO HQ: Omega

Situation: As follows.

Unauthorized satellite broadcasting videos of world leaders insulting each other. World on brink of war, suspect computer simulations being used. Signal originates from Giza, investigate.

Round 9[sunting]

More sushi droids?

Hope they haven't recruited King Tut!

Round 10[sunting]

Clearance; JC-Kal: Omega

From: Rolling Thunder

Situation: As follows.

Found weapons cache configured for remote control containing weapons from many nations. Conclude Gimdo's objective is to use weapons to start global conflict. Will prevent.

Last Round[sunting]

Nice of you to drop by, though you really should have called first. Pity you won't be alive for dinner. We're having fowl tonight.

Albatross, I believe!!


Rolling Thunder has thwarted Gimdo's dinner plans, as well as his evil plot for world domination! As the world returns to normal, the media is clambering for the names of the heroes that prevented catastrophe. By the time WCPO revealed their names, Albatross and Leila had already snuck off for their own celebration!

First Quest[sunting]

The operation has ended, however, you have failed to completely destroy Gimdo's organization. You must repeat your mission to stamp this evil from the face of the earth. Here's the password for the second quest!!

A rolling program smashed the genius.

Second Quest[sunting]


You've now done the impossible again! The world is safe, due to your outstanding video skills. We at Namco and the WCPO are very proud of your valiant efforts. You are now a member of the immortalized Rolling Thunder team!!

Thank you for playing!!!

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