Panduan Game/NES/Dizzy The Adventurer

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Layar judul[sunting]

Dizzy and Daisy were walking through the woods searching for Pogie, their pet fluffle.

Stumbling across a concealed entrance to zaks castle they looked in, unaware that they were being spied upon.

In an attempt to catch Dizzy, the evil wizard cast a spell over an old spinning wheel.

Unfortunately, it was Daisy who came upon the spinning wheel first. Curious that it was turning, she accidently pricked herself, and fell instantly into an endless, magical sleep.

Before he knew what happened, Dizzy was seized by Boris the troll and shut in a dark prison.

Is there a way out for Dizzy?

Can he find and awaken Daisy?

The answers lie with you!



Sky Sky
The royal tower Castle ramparts
The castle garden Castle drawbridge The banquet hall The entrance hall The gate house


Heaven's gate Very high clouds The tree tops Sky More clouds The tallest tower
The gate home The cave opening The hermit's cave Top of oak hill Breezy cliff top A fluppy cloud Sky Daisy's hut The narrow ledge The west tower Archway corridor Zaks castle Inner sanctum
Aladdin's cave The hillside Swift river The river bridge Yolkfolk village The castle moat The west wing Castle ballroom End of the line

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